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(A) The (very) few times I've had to deal with Ruger customer service, they were of Disney caliber. Once sent in a finicky gun that they couldn't find any particular issues with but *based on the symptoms I explained* they decided to swap out a few particular parts (and the gun hasn't malfunctioned since).

(B) Bought one of the Talo models (to wit, the #6715 - black nitride with rail). Out of the box, probably the best 1911 I've purchased. Never even touched the (adjustable) sights. Friggin' laser beam / tack driver. Zero malfunctions - save a single "self-induced" failure to feed (I always like to see how a gun will handle a "limp wrist" just for fun - and once broken in, it doesn't even mind that anymore).

They were seemingly very late to the dance, but they certainly didn't put out a crap gun... I'm a fan.
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