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Originally Posted by aquabum View Post
It's the sleeper of the 1911 world in my opinion! My opinion only! I love my Ruger 1911-CMD version. Balances and shoots very well in my hand!!
I could not agree more. Ruger did several things very well when they designed these guns. They went with the 70 series design, so fewer mechanics and better triggers right out of the box. They kept the slides very clean, no huge billboards, logos laser etched and kept to a tasteful size, and no forward cocking serrations.

Then there's the customer service. I called Ruger yesterday to get an owners manual. I know there's the online version, and in reality I know enough that I really don't need one, but I like having my firearms as complete as possible. The young lady I spoke with was very polite and helpful, saying she would get one out today. I also ask about the boxes they came with and she explained the original boxes were the white cardboard ones. I ask if it was possible to get one as I was one of those folks who like things complete and would be willing to pay for one if they could fix me up. She ask for the serial number, which I gave, and then she explained she would enter an order for a box and would have a label with the serial number and model information printed for it. She said it would add a couple days to the arrival of my manual, but they would send it out, box, manual, and all in the next few days, no charge. What manufacture does that?

Thanks Ruger!
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