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Originally Posted by FNHipowerluv View Post
Oh boy, it looks like the usual suspects are going to turn this thread into a race-baiting train wreck. It's like no one understands the concept of "blanket statements" these days...

Some of you need to remember that there are minorities that can and have come to our side. Sure we can't turn ghetto goblins into upstanding citizens with basic right wing campaigning, but we can attract the more open minded variety of people of all racial backgrounds. Not every black person in the United States lives in section 8 housing and stays on welfare all their life. There are also plenty of white folk that share the same mentality and lifestyle of the black folks that some posters here unfortuneatly think represent all black people. The 2A and the Bill of Rights applies to all responsible citizens, and we need to remind everyone of this.
I believe those threads wound up getting closed because a few posters, including you, decided to go into full blown personal attack mode sort of like you appear to be headed for now.