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Originally Posted by FNHipowerluv View Post
Bloomberg's popularity is synthetic. He literally bought his way into the race. His name is out there, but his fan base isn't. The only things Bloomberg has to propel him forward is the desperation of the DNC, deranged individuals that will vote for anyone but Trump, voter fraud and his own wealth.

Trump was charismatic and built a fanbase quick. Bloomberg has the charisma of a wet rag, and his radio ads are obnoxious and cliche. The DNC is really scraping the bottom of the barrel in this election.
He is running ads day and night here in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale market that is trying to appeal to Blacks. The content is how wonderful Bloomberg was as mayor in improving the schools raising graduation by 40%... bla bla bla. (They lowered the graduation standard and watered down the curriculum is how) The ads feature mostly African-American actors giving testimonial. There is also a spot with Obama heaping praise on Bloomturd. He is desperate to get the minority vote.

The reason is that Blacks hate Bloomturds guts because of the stop and frisk policy that mainly targeted Blacks and Hispanics. He basically sought to disarm Blacks and minorities in NYC.

So where is Rev Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson when you need them to render their consternation of Bloomberg and his racist policy? They did when Stop and Frisk was ongoing. In fact I think they sued him IIRC. Will Bloomturd buy those two clowns off with millions in contribution to their phony charities for an endorsement? Frankly, I don't think those two clowns would stoop that low.

Hopefully they endorse Comrade Bernie who if I am not mistaken agrees to reparation for Blacks. Comrade Bernie actually has a good following of minorities... Blacks, Hispanics, and even Muslims because he is promising them the world.

The reality is that if it is Trump vs Bloomturd, Trump will easily win the Black votes.

But the better and easier challenge is Trump vs Comrade Bernie. People will not vote in a Socialist Commie like Comrade Bernie... not when the economy is doing so well.