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Then there's the other side . Seeing this on another forum where I staff .
Some will use "Likes or Reputation" as a sort of perceived status symbol and give likes/rep pts to every post they can to gain a high count . Soon there's a group giving them to each other , cheapening the intent .
Limit the number of likes a forum member can give each day.

Just my opinion, I don't see any benefit to a "like" button. The only reason to post in a thread is to add content. "Liking" something adds nothing to the subject being discussed. IMHO, "like" is such a lazy post it should not count toward a members post count. If you "like" a post, say what it is that you like about what was posted.
The benefit is that one can skip over less "liked" posts and read posts with higher "like" counts. Some of these threads get to be several pages long. It would be nice to be able to focus in on posts that have a higher like count.

It is also a benefit to the poster so he can get feedback from other users in the form of "likes" and improve his posting content in the future.
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