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In the meantime the stock market is presenting a great opportunity, the lows of two Fridays ago were being tested yesterday again (and held so far), volume on the downside had dried up dramatically (bullish sign), almost all the physiological indicators are extreme bullish (these measure levels of panic, when they are very high (most are through the roof right now) this is a bullish sign).

Moreover, the 10-year Treasury yield has dropped below 1% - this is historic. Another sign of extreme-panic. The SPY-ETF yields 1.9%. Typically when stocks yield more then the 10 Year it is another very bullish sign. As the panic gets worn down, money will come out of Treasuries and flood into stocks.

No guarantees of course (invest at your own risk, speak to a financial adviser, and all other apropos caveats :-)), but this "movie" of stock-market panic has played out many, many times before, so the odds look very good it is heading to the same positive outcome.
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