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I received my order from Dawson yesterday and installed a new magazine spring in the MecGar magazine. It feeds a little better, but not 100%. I put new springs in the Kimber and Springfield magazines and it made no difference. When fully loaded, the first and second cartridge in the Kimber and Springfield magazines comes out nose down.

I also ordered some Tripp Research 9mm Flex Followers to see if that would make a difference. Patent # 6,560,907 is stamped on the followers. The same number is stamped on the Kimber and Springfield magazine followers. Replacing the followers with the Tripp Research followers made no difference, so I put the OEM followers back in the magazines.

I guess the non ramped barrel RIA I have is a picky eater with all but the MetalForm magazines. With the MetalForm magazines, Speer Gold Dot 124g Hollow Points and Federal 124g HST Hollow Points will feed reliably. All magazines work perfectly in my Springfield Range Officer, but it has a ramped barrel.
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