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Since my last post I've shot an additional 500 rounds with no problems what so ever. It seems it was truly a spring issue. When you compare the springs and followers of the Mec-Gar and the Dawson Precision the differences are obvious. Dawson springs really make a difference. Also the followers are metal instead of the plastic used by Mec-Gar. If the Metal form mags came with a better spring they would work well also. The Metal form mags are identical to the Dawson mags except for the spring. After I replaced the Metal Form springs with the Dawson springs they function perfectly as well. Since I made the change to the Dawson mags and springs I've shot 750 trouble free rounds. There was never an issue with the extractor. The problem was with the first three rounds feeding without nose diving into the feed ramp. With 7 rounds loaded in the mag they function like they should but I wanted to shoot a full 10 rounds. The Dawson Precision mags and springs made the difference.

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