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Originally Posted by PolymerMan View Post
They are limiting the number of people entering stores. That is why you see televised aerial helicopter shots of lines wrapping around big box stores like Costco, Walmart and local supermarkets.

They do the same thing here during hurricane panic buying.

The line forms outside, single file. When someone exits the store, someone waiting outside is allowed to enter. That helps reduce chaos inside but you can expect to wait outside for 1hr or more and when you get inside; whatever you thought you were going to buy is probably long gone.

Hopefully this madness clears up by next week.
Trucks are still running loads like normal (at least around here). It makes you wonder, at what point will people stop buying toilet paper and piling up canned goods in the garage?? You only need so much.....
Itís not like it will be banned, and contrary to media hype, the Coronavirus does not have hands that will turn off the municipal water supply!
There is plenty for everyone, just chill out...
Oh yeah, that guy that has 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer........
I hope he chokes on it. Amazon made him quit selling it because he was gouging. There is a special place for people that take advantage of folks at a time like this. The article mentioned his name and where he lived too. Huh.....I wonder if someone will take exception to his antics and rip his garage door off!
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