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Magazine Malfunction Update

I posted several months ago about a feeding issue I was having with my Rock Island Armory M1911-A1 Tactical II 9mm. The factory magazine wouldn't feed properly when loaded with a full 10 rounds. The 1st, 2nd and sometimes 3rd round would nose dive into the feed ramp. The gun would work properly with only 7 rounds in the mag. The factory mags are Mec-Gar. I tried several different springs with no luck. Then I purchased 2 Metal Form 10 round mags and had the exact same problem. Although they are a better quality magazine the springs weren't any better and the problem remained. I did more research and decided to try Dawson Precision mags. I ordered one to try along with two of their extra power mag springs that they say will work in the Metal Form mags. When I got the Dawson Precision mag I compared it to the Metal Form mag and they have exactly the same body, follower base pad etc. The only difference was the spring. The Dawson mag functioned perfectly and when I put the Dawson springs into the Metal Form mags they too functioned 100%. I just came back from the range after firing 250 rounds with no problems. Hopefully this information will help anyone having a similar problem.
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