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Originally Posted by PsychoSword View Post
Yes, my question is how, and how does the spring not over compress when you merely cut the legs off the solid follower and put in 15rds, since the 15rd Mec-Gars have a hollow follower that the spring goes up into. It seems to me you would need to not only cut the legs off of a 13rd follower, but also hollow it out with a grinder to achieve the same result.

In fact, since the spring is already at the bottom of the 13rd follower, how does it not over compress with 14rds. My only experience with this is Mec-Gar 20rd BHP mags. They seem to accept 21rds with approximately the tension of a fully loaded 13 or 15 capacity Mec-Gar, but I don't know if it's wise to do.

And I've used a lot of mags of different manufactures, OEM/MDS/Checkmate/MecGar that seemed from the outside and even inside appearance that the springs should be compatible with the same capacity mag as far as compression, but they aren't.
The spring does not "over compress" as a 14 because its NOT at the bottom of a 13 round follower to begin with. The follower has legs that fit inside a few coils of the spring. The same spring as a 15 fits into a pocket in the follower rather than 3/8 lower.

As I said above, load a standard 13 round mag and depress - you will see what a small amount of material would have to be removed to fit a 14th round. Its not like you hack off half of the stabilization legs. You still have coils looped around the follower when using as a 14, not smashed fully flat.

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