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After about 3 trips to the range with this firearm I continue to have good reliability (it is only a range gun for me) using white box and reloads.
A consistent issue has been my target skills. All is low left. At 15 yards on a 11x17 target I can hit center of target with point of aim at upper right hand corner. One proficient shooter at the range this weekend repeated my experience. However, the rangemaster, who was a 1911 person picked it up and had not issues with alignment. Elevation, some, but not alignment.
So, thinking it is me. No similar issues with my other firearms. Next I will take my RIA 1911 in .45 and see if I get the same results. I rarely shoot it.
1911s - Springfield 1911 RO .45 acp, RIA Government .45 acp/taurus 9MM PT1911;
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