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Originally Posted by Grandpas50AE View Post
I watched to the local FOX news a few minutes ago, and the numbers were that 55k tests have been done state-wide (Texas). Of those, 5,400 have been confirmed positive. Of that 5,400 confirmed cases, 91 have died. So, the numbers are: 10% of tested individuals are "positive", and 1.5% have died (mortality rate). Of the number of tested, that becomes 0.15% - that's only the number tested. As more tests are administered, who knows how those numbers change, but out of a general population of 28 million, that's a rate of 0.00032% rate. Depends on how one wants to structure the numbers on spreading fear. Do I think it's a nasty bug? I do indeed - especially in dense population areas where those percentages would be higher than the overall average. Even at a week away from turning 69 years old, I fear the destruction to the economy and delivery infrastructure more than the "bug" itself. JMHO.
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