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Originally Posted by HeavyAssault View Post
I first noticed it when using the OE mags that came with the pistol. I then tried CMC Power Mags which still had the same result.
Now knowing the proper term "bullet ogive", that seems to be where my issue is based. Seeing the picture below my bullets had the far left, and the far right style by my eyes.

I'm not worried about it anymore to be honest. The 230gn is going to work just fine in the semi-auto, the 185gn will feed the revolver.

If I shop for something else to use in the semi I'll pay more attention to the ogive for the ammo selection.

This is also a good read as to the different mag lip styles. The different magazine lips present the rounds to the feed ramp at differing angles and when combined with the ogive you selected drives the nose into the feed ramp with too little angle to safely deflect it into the chamber. Some ammo just stops the gun with a feed jam. Others like yours, result in a set back of the bullet into the case due to marginal crimp or neck tension of the case. Like a plane crash, its not usually just one thing gone wrong, but several. In your case its probably the bullet ogive coupled with poor crimp/neck tension for the mags your using and maybe the feed ramp is slightly steep.

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