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Glad the OP posted this, I had the same questions. I'm loading 200gr SWC from Brazos, and wasnt sure if you measure OAL which hodgdon says 1.225 or if you measure from the lip. I've cycled several mags of my loads and didn't have issues, but the true test is at the range. I crimp using the Lee factory, but I never actually measure the diameter, which I probably should? Then adjust the taper on the top of the die to taper more or less? 230gr RN plated are much easier than coated SWC for sure...
In my opinion it's best to get OAL from the bullet mfg/caster and powder charge data from the powder mfg. Since Hodgdon is a powder mfg, how would you know which SWC bullet their listed OAL pertained to?
Doesn't the powder manufacturer list the specs not only on the grains but also the OAL and pressures? I thought the OAL also plays into factor the amount of pressure that is generated.
If you look at hodgdon site, typically they list the type of bullet and the specs, like LSWC, RN, HP, etc. And most bullet manufacturers tell you to refer to the powder manufacturer for reloading specs.
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