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Originally Posted by david_root2000 View Post
I crimp as low as .463. Just stop by the Bullseye forum and you will see many do it. Partially because the light charges we use get better combustion.

The crimp on the driving band has no affect (effect?) on the base which seals the barrel.

Just because I do it, does not mean you have to do it, but it does work.

For the plunk test, please take the barrel out of the gun first.

Yeah, I used to crimp to 463 with wonderful results.
Then I backed off to 465 with wonderful results
Now I'm backed off to 468 with wonderful results.
The brass lasts a little longer at the larger diameter.

Fun fact....
I used to load ammo for the guy that started the original bullseye forum.
"What, Me Worry?"
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