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Originally Posted by Kev_byf View Post
It'll feed in from a Wilson 47D in three different guns I tried them in if I slam the slide closed.
First do as jglenn suggests. If his suggestion doesn't solve the problem, read on.

Do you mean the slide doesn't go fully into battery unless you smack the back of the slide?

If so, then remove the barrel from the pistol, hold it vertically so the chamber is up and the muzzle is down, drop one of your freshly made reloads into the chamber. This is commonly known as the "plunk test" and is used in lieu of a chamber gauge to determine if your bullet is seated deep enough.

When you perform the plunk test you should hear the mouth of the brass case impact the steel chamber ledge. You should also be able to apply a little pressure to the back of the cartridge and rotate it freely within the chamber. If you can't that means the bullet has engaged the rifling. It has engaged the rifling because the freebore (leade) was not cut deeply enough by the manufacturer.

A good 1911 'smith can ream your barrel so that you can use the same seating depth for it as you use for your other 1911s. Alternatively, you can shoot the more deeply seated rounds needed for this barrel through all of your other pistols.

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