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Originally Posted by Chuck Perry View Post
This statement is posted on Coonan's Facebook account:
"Coonan Inc wants to reach out to our loyal customers and dealers. COONAN INC IS NOT GONE! We sincerely apologize for the lack of communication. This process has taken far longer than we had anticipated, but there have been many things going on behind the scenes. We have been working very hard to restructure the company in ways that will allow us to server our customer's needs better and faster. These changes will also allows us to pursue even more exciting new projects. While obstacles can pop up easily during this type of transition, we do hope to have things up and running by the end of November. Once we have completed the process, we will contact our customers with delivery dates on orders for pistols, FAL receivers and accessories. Thanks again, we truly appreciate your patience."
Thanks for posting that, it is a relief, I shot my 357 last week and was wondering how many more times I would - given no replacement parts if they went out of business. That said, I can't believe how thoughtless and inconsiderate these people are going dark like that for months, when a few posts on Facebook would have helped all involved greatly (or perhaps they are smarter than one would think and maybe hiding something). They lost a bunch of orders too as more than a few people have received refunds from their credit card companies for work in progress.
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