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speaking of shoot throughs since a lot of people are concerned with that..... I've used a handgun in self defense and know a few others who have done so as well. Adding to this I've worked quite a few shootings of various nature. hollow points were used in mine and my co-workers, and in all the shootings I worked fmj was used when rounds were recovered (non-recovered rounds were of unknown profile/configuration).

not once were there any innocents hit by shoot throughs. plenty of unintended targets got hit from complete misses from bad guys doing drive by shootings, but in all the others there just weren't any people down range of the other shootings. bad guys tend to attack when there are no witnesses, and in the few cases I've read about regarding shoot throughs the rounds were found close by on the ground behind the intended target. I am not saying that there isn't a risk of a shoot through with fmj particularly in a large slow moving caliber such as .44spl or .45acp, I am suggesting that missing the intended target poses a far greater risk down range than any shoot through. I think the odds are with you.

that said, I am not suggesting or advocating fmj for smaller and or higher velocity rounds such as 9mm or .357 et cetera.
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