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Originally Posted by Alabama-Ohio View Post
in some calibers in some guns I wonder how much more effective a hollow point is over fmj or swc. not in ballistic gel but in real world street shootings, and not ones that are cherry picked to write a book.

here are some examples of what I'm thinking. compact .45acp (sub 4" bbl) 1911s, short bbl. big bores such as a C.A. Bulldog .44spl (or any other similar gun). of course all the various sub-calibers like .380acp and lower.

except for the sub-calibers this isn't a debate on would a hollow point be preferred in the larger calibers.... but in slow big rounds how much of a real world difference do they make?

The manufacturers are always looking for the next 'big thing' to promote that will make them money. Hollow points fall into that category. People have tried various forms of hollow point all the way back to the days of the buffalo hunters. They never caught on, for whatever reason. When SuperVel came along in the 70s, they tried again with a full court press. The rest is history, even though it took 30 years to work out all the kinks.

I've never thought much of hollow points. I've not seen any evidence that they are to be preferred over a good soft point or solid, especially when you take performance in the game fields into account. Sadly, none of the major makers put out a premium grade self defense round with a proper soft point or solid, so we're pretty much forced into using one of the top four or five hollow point loads. The closest I can get is either a Golden Saber Bonded or Critical Duty 220 +P.

All my handloads use lead RNFP (in .44 and .45) in the 240/250 weight range at about 900-1000 fps. Golden Saber Bonded or CD 220s in the 1911. In my considered opinion (based on a couple decades of observation) there is no advantage to a hollow point over a proper soft point or solid.
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