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What is the point to HP? To make the bullet expand so it stops within the body, achieving two goals; avoiding over-penetration which could endanger others, and thus transferring all of its energy to the body, creating a better shock effect. The side effect is also good, where the energy transfer and bullet expansion create more damaging wounds, possibly resulting in quicker stops with fewer shots.
BUT, this expansion requires velocity. With the smaller calibers like .25, .32, .380 and 9mm MAK, it may very well be true that the FMJ round provides enough penetration to disable the assailant with less fear of over-penetration. I know that in my own 9mm MAK that I sometimes carry, I have changed from imported typical HPs to Hornady Critical Defense, which in this caliber is a more pointed bullet with a very small hollow point which is filled with a soft polymer. I believe the concept is to give the needed penetration as well as expansion.
One thing you should not forget is the military has always rated ammunition by penetration, which to them is the main attribute, and it is of extreme importance in defense loads too. I believe the concept of 'over-penetration resulting in shoot-through' is heavily over played in smaller-caliber defensive pistol ammo. Some hollow points might expand too readily, limiting effectiveness, particularly where heavy clothing might be in use. I want a round that is designed to penetrate and be effective for that small, lightweight pistol that is very sweet to carry and accurate with its fixed barrel.
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