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One thing that helps is if you, a friend, or a family member knows what to look for in a used 1911. Then look a cheaper new 1911s as used 1911s and really look them over.

Have not played with a Tisa yet so my fav in the $400-$700 range is RIA and also Ruger. I have had about 7 Ruger SR1911s in my shooty collection and they have been great, but did look them over before I got them. I have also looked at RIAs I did not buy.

In the $700-$1K range I like SA and Colt. I have owned hundreds of Colt 1911s and have been happy with most. The SAs seem pretty well put together for the money. The nice thing is down here Rugers and SAs are often on specials at LGSs.

In the $1K-$1.5K range I still like Colts and SAs but now DW enters the picture and they can be nice.

The real deals are in the used market. I would not touch another Kimber II but got a nice pre II for about $800 from a shooting buddy. Got to field strip it and put about 200 rounds through it before I bought it. Same with a 2015 Colt Gold Cup Trophy. Bought it from another shooty buddy for about $800 and got to field strip it and put about 200 rounds through it before I made the decision to buy it.
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