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I would avoid colt, not well made and have tendency to have little stupid things wrong
(I can literally go over 4 guns for sale at my range to prove this, one has a galling frame and a disconnecter that gets stuck holding the slide open, another has factory marred sights and sight paint, the next has hilarious plating and polishing errors (it's a "custom shop" mirror polish .38s), and the last has a very badly fit barrel) and are about $400 too much for what they are at every level if not worse.

Springfield makes a great deal with the defender and RO, the TRP doesn't get you any better fit or finish but has more standard features and is quite desired by some. The professional is well made but kidna unrefined and is a "hard fit" type gun that is not my preference, it's also around $2000 used so a little outside your price range but a very good custom style gun.

Dan Wesson is great, well made and uses great materials and offers guns for every role with very good standard features. This is the brand I recommend to anyone who wants an out of the box ready to rock and roll 1911 that won't have issues or require it to be sent to Wilson for correction like a Colt will or a Springfield might.

Rock island is good if you get a good one, horrible if not. Roll the dice, you will not have the ability to send it for correction since most shops and smiths will not want the liability or annoyance. Having worked in my own guns from them I understand why, many things are just not fit correctly and some key items are just flat out not in spec.

Kimber is a dice roll, I have one that is an awesome gun with perfect barrel fit (no bump, lug wear, etc) and everything else works perfectly to my surprise. Doesn't care at all what ammo or mag you use and it's not possible to limp wrist, very very good gun and it's a 3 inch .45 to top it off! On the other hand I had two guns from them that were trash, totally useless trash. It's that way a lot with the brand so carefully carefully carefully check one over before buying it.

A used Ed Brown can be had for $1100-1300 if you are patient and are okay with some finish damage, this of the options presented is the ultimate choice for quality and performance.
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