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Originally Posted by DubfromGa View Post
1. There are numerous Springfield Armory Range Officer models on Bud's Gun Shop right now for the $700+ range. Watch for price drops and you'll be able to find them for a little less at times.

2. There are several Colt Series 70 Competition models (stainless & other) on Bud's right now for under $1,000.

3. The Dan Wesson Pointman guns are on Bud's for $1,200 and the Dan Wesson Specialist and new Valor are on there of $1,500.

Before someone flames me for using Bud's as a reference.....insert your own online dealer that has strong pricing and roll with them. There are many.

If all you want it a range toy....then save your money and go with the Range Officer in 9mm and you'll be able to feed it much more economically.

If you want a gun to protect yourself, your family and your home.....then move on into the Dan Wessons and know that you'll have great internals and a gun made for serious use right from the start. Nothing that you'll want to replace on it.
Thanks for the info. I want to stay with 45acp for two reasons, one...I just want a 1911 in 45acp haha and two I reload for 45acp already anyways so cost to shoot is not too bad. I was settled on stainless but the black finishes such as in the TRP look nice and I heard they cause less binding and such.
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