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Looking for a new 1911


I purchased a Ruger 1911 3 years ago. Used it for two range trips until it bound up. Sent back to Ruger, they sent me a sloppy new one as they could not fix the one I purchased. They would not send me another stating the one they sent me was in their tolerance range so I got a refund. Anyways, since then I have not had a 1911 in my stable. I am now looking to buy a new 1911 but every time I think im settled on which one I want I either change my mind or I am suddenly looking at 1500$ 1911s like a Springfield TRP which really is getting high on my budget. This gun will be 100% a range toy and that is it so really decent sights and decent trigger is all I need. No house defense or carry. So I am asking, what model 1911s would you be looking at in the following categories:

1. $400-$700 range
2. $700-$1000 range
3. $1000-$1500 range
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