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Originally Posted by SVT-Bansheeman View Post
I've been a part of the 1911 forum and some fb groups for a little over a month. It's not long. I understand stand that.

With that said, I've wondered about the quality of springfield's custom shop.

Wheb peole are asked who does better work out of the top custom 1911 companies, I can not get a strait answer. Either one company does something better than the other or its just a matter of picking one bexusse they are all equal.

With that said, does anyone know if springfield's custom does better or worse work than any popular company like Wilson combat, Dan wesson etc?

In this time, All I heard were people commenting on how smooth a 1911 is, how smooth the slide is, how tight a gun is, the finish is really good and the list goes on. All that is only opinion and isn't measured by a standard.

So does anyone have any thing else that is factual on how their custom shop is compared to a high teir company offering?
There is no 1-10 scale I am aware of. IMO the similarly priced semi-custom guns are pretty competitive. If they weren't they would be out of business sooner than later. Word travels fast.
The semi-custom (SC) builders buy their components for close to the same prices and a certain level of hand fitting costs about the same. Above the level of Ed Brown, Wilson, Nighthawk etc. improvements are incremental and the cost is exponential. The big money is in the hand fitting. The builders each have their own philosophies and the guns personalities reflect that.
Dan Wesson is a very good production gun. Above that in quality are the SC and finally the full customs where the sky is the limit. Les Baer builds a good SC that some say is kind of basic. A little more money gets you into the mainstream SC builders that have a bit of refinement. This is where the Springfield Armory custom shop lies. Look up the FBI tests SA's Professional aced. Impressive.

A $7,000+ gun will be worth it to a collector or someone that appreciates precision and quality. Such a gun may have a 5 year waiting list.
There is something to this 1911. I think it'll catch on.

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