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Originally Posted by Old Grey Hare View Post
Other than voting and strong-letter-writing, I duno what else to do.

Looking to maybe volunteer for either NRA things or RNC things in Broward / Dade. I realize this is a blue as blue gets, these two counties, but I wasn't thikning 2A when I moved here 20 years ago... I was looking for some sunshine (I'm tropical fish) and back then FL did seem a bit less.. blue.

Facts, not Feels.

I should put that on a bumpersticker and sell it. No one would get it tho. "Facts, not Feels, should drive the creation of Laws." It's from letters I've sent the President, the Senate LEader, and My Two RINO senators.

Problem is, the left (and the RINOs looking for easy voates) are ALL about the FEELS.. whinging "Oooohhhhhh thiiinkkkk of the chiiiiildren" as they clutch their chests.

There's gotta be a backlash against this attitude, a swing of the pendulum to the right.. we can't allow this to continue. And I see no way to stop it.
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