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Originally Posted by PolymerMan View Post
The problem with the Red Flag laws is that both sides of the aisle believe we need to keep guns out of the hands of nutcases and criminals. I do as well, so do many people here. The problem is, we all disagree on the precise legal proceedings to remove guns from those that are dangerous, as well as how we define a "dangerous person" and whether a seizure of firearms should be executed before a person has had an opportunity to answer the allegation or respond. Ex parte orders of any kind are just simply unconstitutional.
I perhaps disagree with you. Stop focusing on the things that don't work. Focus on things that do work, like arming every American. Trying to stop a nut case ahead of time is extremely fruitless. Having a armed population who can "instantly" act upon such nut case will yield much better fruit.

Guns in the hands of Americans is no more dangerous than drivers behind the wheel of a car. Sure, there will be some Darwin cases, some ND's, and perhaps some other real accidents, but the # dead will be way less.

You cannot stop it, but you can limit it.
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