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Funny but true,

Back in the Dirty Harry days of the 44 magnum I sent colt and ruger letters there was no email back then. Here’s what I wrote and the response,

I asked colt if they planned on super sizing a python to shoot the 44 magnum round?

Colt said they had no intention of making a revolver in 44 mag. But it took colt decades to produce a 44 magnum revolver.

I asked ruger if they would manufacture a larger security six frame in 44 mag?

Ruger said they do have plans for a revolver in 44 mag soon after the Redhawk appeared.
Thanks to ruger I own two reds in 44 mag, one in 41 mag and one in 357 mag.

I think listening to the customers needs today can make or break a companies sales. Look how ruger constantly changes there revolver offerings? I think the Redhawk model has completely changed the big revolver market.

With colt halting there sales on the civilian ar15 let’s see if there revolver offerings comes back to pick up the slack.? In today’s gun market you snooze you lose.

With the plastic pistols do you think the gun rags sway the direction of the new model sales? Like oh this new model is better than the last? I see older plastic models being traded in for new plastic models, the used handgun case is full of plastic 380’s. Big turn over?
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