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Originally Posted by Rick R View Post
What is the height from the bottom of the rear most part of the sight to the top?

Iím one of the guys who asked for this, just curious if it will require a different height front sight from the night sight thatís on my gun now.
The rear of the sight is a nominal .444" tall and is designed to leave .001"-.002" clearance to the pocket floor. After you've measured yours, please let me know what you came up with. With any application where a manufacturer used an adjustable rear sight; they don't have to worry about an optimum height on the front sight, just something within the rear sights adjustment range. So you never know whether the factory front sight will work in all situations, especially a pistol made in 9mm, 10mm and .45 ACP; three decidedly different trajectories.

Initial testing was done with a .45 and the report I got back was that the factory front sight gave "minute of soup can" accuracy at 20 yards.
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