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Joe, thanks for the informative post. I have a questions about the VIZ:

"The vertical impact surface (VIZ) has little to no relief which over time will allow the barrel legs to strike low in the frame which can cause the legs to break off the barrel."

I am trying to visualize this, do you happen to have a picture or drawing? How much time/number of rounds are we talking? I have not seen a lot of production guns with broken legs(yes, it can/does happen) so how critical is this on the Ruger and should it be addressed?

For your average garden variety shooter, what would you fix before sending a few thousand rounds down range?

Oh, and one more thing, yours may differ, but my grip medallions are attached with some type of rivit with what looks like rtv to keep them from turning. I discovered this because my left grip medallion is crooked and I tried every allen I had, so I will have to contact Ruger.

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