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Originally Posted by Boge View Post
Thanks. Professional & objective reporting. Now for the big question: in your opinion is it a worthwhile base gun to make into a top shelf 1911 or would the cash outlay simply prevent it from being economically feasible and one would be better off say buying a Baer or upper tier Springfield Armory 1911?

I think depending on what you are looking to do as far as finish and sights, yes it could be. It also depends on what you consider "top shelf". Keep in mind that if you were to make it into a "top shelf 1911" there are a number of parts that I personally would recommend you replace. That being said, it is my opinion that with some adjustments to the parts in the gun, the replacement of the slide stop, bushing and link, you could have a gun that would be a great value, very reliable and suitably accurate. I might even go so far as to say it could give some of the other "top shelf" names a run for the money if corrected properly...

Someone asked about how it compares to a RIA...well, I haven't done a "formal" evaluation of an RIA like this one (although I'd be glad to if someone wanted to send an unmodified one to me to spec out). I have worked on them (shussh, don't tell anyone that) and have shot them a bit. Although they are fine pistols, they are what they are and in my opinion (and that's all this is) the Ruger is a nicer gun and well worth the additional money.

Thanks again for taking the time to read the review.

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