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Originally Posted by Amsdorf View Post
Wow, awesome review. Thanks! I think it proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Ruger SR1911 is not a custom 1911 costing thousands of dollars. But it is sure one heck of a 1911 for $600. Wonder how it compares to RIAs, etc.?

I'm smiling at the thought of how many millions of 1911s have been in use, have been very accurate and faithful tools in the hands of soldiers and LEOs for many years that never came close to the kind of tolerances the reviewer is citing as being a fault in the SR1911.

Can't wait to read your range report.
Amsdorf - I think that you are missing the point of the review. I don't think the reviewer is faulting the gun, but simply pointing out where this gun could be better when compared to match quality. The original 1911 design had huge tolerances for reliability, esp. when faced with the production technology and metallurgy of the early 20th century.

What Joe is saying is that when you compare to "ideal" or "match" quality, here's where the SR1911 stands.

I would bet if Joe were to review a Springfield Loaded, STI, etc., you'd hear the same things being said.

This is a production gun. To get to match quality tolerances, a great deal of hand fitting is required. That's why an Ed Brown, Les Baer, Wilson Combat, etc. cost $2200 - $3000, rather than $650.