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Originally Posted by shooter59 View Post
Originally Posted by TRSOtto View Post
How cool would it be to have a half dozen case numbers.....each with a single line going through them as each case was closed.....down the flats on your slide......

"Let's see......this un was an attempted robbery back in '82.....an this un was that jealous husband back in '97.....an this here one was that time..........."
It would actually be a pretty damn sorry commentary on ones bad luck, lousy awareness skills, or a tendency to be ‘Nutty Shooter 3’.
Kinda my thought. Maybe a fun "tough guy" fantasy, but the fallout from that many shootings (legal, emotional, financial) would be a nightmare, IMO.

Also, after the first few some prosecuters or ambulance chasers would start raising some eyebrows.

Kinda like skulls or check marks scratched in the grips or stock.
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