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Police etching ID info on gun held in evidence

I retired from law enforcement after 30 years and then opened a P.I. business. I have specialized in the investigation of violent crime. I read this post and felt obligated to comment. If a law enforcement agency needs to engrave identification marks on a handgun or rifle (and that is only the case if the serial number has been removed) then they can do that in a concealed area of the gun so that they don't damage the firearm. In the case of a 1911, removing the grips and putting an identifying mark underneath the grips can be appropriate. Unfortunately, I've seen exactly what was described in the OP i.e. damaging the firearm by etching something on the side of the firearm. It is NEVER necessary to do that. I would suggest that anyone who has a firearm damaged in that way to file a claim with the agency and pursue legal action of necessary. In all but a few cases, there are serial numbers available and they can be used to identify a firearm. Police agencies have no legitimate reason to damage a firearm absent a court order to have it destroyed

Originally Posted by DPS1911A1 View Post
I used to work at a large independent gun store in Texas. They will buy good used guns or take them on trade.

One trade they took was a stainless Colt 1911. According to the owner the pistol was involved in a shooting. The police took the pistol as evidence and crudely engraved a case number on the frame.

It was a few years before the owner was able to gain possession of his property. He didn't get the gun back in the same condition that it was when the police took it for evidence. Plus the 1911 had too many bad memories for him so he sold it.

That got me to thinking about how much we spend for an EDC. We want the best we can afford. We don't give any thought what would happen to our prized handgun if it has to be taken into evidence should we have to defend ourselves.

A friend of mine did a stupid thing and was arrested for DWI. Naturally his carry permit came up for review due to the arrest but they confiscated his pistol. They couldn't leave it in the car because it was towed.

This was over a year and a half a go and he still doesn't have it back.

I bought a Tisas 1911 that I wouldn't lose any sleep over if I were involved in a self defense shooting and the police took it for evidence. I paid less than $400 for it. That an a SA XDs 9.
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