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Although I love POTUS, his administration isn't paying enough attention to the collateral damage in the food distribution industry in this country...I am not talking about restaurants, I am talking about food to the grocery stores. It is un-American that we should be having food shortages and rationing in this country. Not for a bug, yes a bad bug, but it isn't the first bad bug we have had.

And I hate to say it, if he doesn't keep an eye on this and (if) it gets materially worse (I hope it doesn't) it may impact his election. People in America will put up with a lot, but they will not take significant food shortages very well.

Right now, the two most powerful people in the country are Fauci and that Brilliant-Blond lady from the CFC...I am 99.99% sure they are both of extremely-good intentions, but I hope they don't lead POTUS too far down the rabbit-hole of un-intended consequences and destroy the economy for a long-time.

I was very unhappy with their presentation yesterday..."Millions dead in USA if we do nothing". Pointless statement, we are doing a lot, so the statement just creates more panic...Even with what we are doing, projections are 100,000 to 200,000 USA dead. Ok, we lost 100,000 in the 1968 flue, so it could happen. I personally don't think so as they are saying this may happen in the next month or so as we peak-out the proverbial "curve". So 96,000 USA dead (we already have 4K dead now) in the next few weeks (with our current strategy and tactics), because the "model" says it. More panic, more stress on the food distribution. (I personally find the # vs time period to be fanciful, lets hope I'm right and the model is wrong).

Even if the "model" is right, I want to know what they are going to do about getting it lower:

Here is where we are (according to the model).
These are the additional actions...What about having the general population use masks instead of discouraging it. What about locking down NYC (no non-commercial) which is spreading "cooties" all over the country as people flee, etc. - We got none of this yesterday from the CDC.

Hopefully they are high-balling us and they can all take a bow in a few months if the deaths are lower than 100K because of their brilliant management.
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