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Originally Posted by joe 45 View Post
On 2/21/2020 I posted asking opinions on a good progressive reloader. After a lot of input from forum members I ordered a Xl 750. My barn has a 12 x 12 ft above ground tornado shelter in it. I am making it my reloading room. Since it is still too cold to paint the concrete walls I am at an impasse. The dealer in Oklahoma City called me the other day and asked if my room was ready, I told him no and he said he would like to sell the 750 as he had a customer and I was agreeable as he could reorder it next month.

The mayor of Ok. City has since declared a city emergency. I won’t go near Ok. City as my wife’s Pulmonologist is adamant that she must not contract even the ordinary flu. If I get anything and bring it home, it could get serious really fast.

I will order a reloader from Dillon next Tuesday, but with the current ammo shortage, believe it or not, my wife insists I get the best. I was afraid this was coming and stocked up on components so I am good there.

Now the $64,000 question for those forum members who have used a 650/750 and a Super 1050. Is the Super 1050, in your opinion, worth the difference in cost between a pimped out XL750 and a Super 1050.
The question you should be asking is whether or not you actually need that level of press. If you're like most of us, buying at that level will take forever to amortize. If your reason for a progressive press is to speed up production, that's fine, but you can get a good progressive that will provide all the speed you need for a hell of a lot less money. I'm not saying Dillon isn't high quality, it is. But a 1050 is production grade, and I seriously doubt you need that kind of power. A 650 is plenty, but then so is the Hornady LnL AP. Use the money you save on the press for extra components, dies, etc.

Of course, if you're independently wealthy, and money is not an issue, go for it. That doesn't necessarily mean you're getting the best, either. That's a rather subjective thing. When I bought my LnL AP, money was not an issue -- I could've bought a Dillon. But, the powder measure setup on the LnL is better than Dillons, and I likes their quick change die bushings, as well as how the press is laid out. In other words, I based my choice on functionality, not on name recognition or the opinions of fans.

Whatever you choose, I hope it is based on actual needs and best functionality, and not whether its red or blue.
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