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It was a beautiful day in the month of October. Time was 3pm ish. Three teens are riding their bikes down West Cliff Drive enjoying the awesome ocean views of Santa Cruz CA. They stop and take a moment to look out at the water. A conversation ensues along the lines of "wow the water is so flat, no waves, complete calmness." Along with "there is no wind at all" and "where are all the birds?"

Time now 450pm. One of the teens looks at his watch and realizes he is late to meet his parents at the pizza joint nearby to watch the game. They leave the shop they were inside.

10 minutes have passed and the teens are now on their bikes again and have come to a red light at the corner of Ocean and Water. Two are stopped with one foot each on the sidewalk and the other in the bike lane. The 3rd teen is a few feet ahead balancing on the bike without putting his feet on the ground.

One minute later the teen in front notices an 80s Chevy Celebrity the strangly is hopping like it is on hydraulics. Thinking this is Very out of place he looks afar to the bank across the intersection and sees the windows shaking violently. He then looks back at his friends preparing to say "EARTHQUAKE." He said nothing though. He was now speechless as he is now watching his 2 friends looking at the bus that is rocking side to side looking like it is going to plop over onto them.

Luckily for all, no one at that intersection was hurt. If it had happend 11 or so minutes earlier we might have died in the shop we were in as 4 of 6 people were crushed to death in that shop.

That teen in front balancing, was me. I did not feel the earthquake at all. Being that i was on two weels with both going up and down at the same time i did not even realize that i was riding this wave. My friends, however, were feeling it and dirtying themselves seeing that bus getting closer and closer to landing on them.

My parents were stuck at the game. Some friends of the family new they were out there so the came to my place to check on me with a wrench in hand to turn off my gas. I knew nothing of tht type of stuff at the time. Thankfully they did. So yeah teach those kids incase they are stuck alone like i could have been. The friends that came to check on me took me to a family members house until my parents were able to get back in town. Also have a plan of where to meet. Who to contact/ reach out to.
- Robert

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