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CS .45 Reverse plug...

I now own several RIA 1911 .45CS pistols... after years of shooting full size 1911's I had never encountered this compact size recoil spring set up...so after disassembling the pistol, I failed to re-install the reverse recoil spring plug correctly. It fired ONE round, and JAMMED!!!! After disassembling (again) and discovering that I was indeed a bone head, I figured "no problem...I'll just order one from Advanced Tactical!!" WRONG!!! They were out of stock. So I contacted them, and the next day they shipped me one (from off the production line, perhaps??) and I had it in the pistol and it was back up and running about three days later!!! You can't ask for much better than THAT. An out of stock part in my hands within the week. And when I received it, I re-checked their website, and it still showed as "out of stock". Now that ain't shabby!!
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