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Originally Posted by stanksbeamen View Post
Hey all, this is my first post but I just got home from Afghanistan and picked up an EMP9. Its my first handgun and its sweet but I'll pick it up on the 10th.

Ammo question, any types of ammo to avoid at first or to break it in with? Luckily a Walmart near me has ammo in stock.

Winchester white box 115 gr
Tula ammo 115 gr
9mm luger 115 gr ppu
Remington UMC (green box of 100 rounds) jhp

Can I use any of these or should I try to pick something else up? I was going to buy a box of each to see how they shot but figured I should ask first! Someone said to shoot brass cased only so idk? What about you all, what does your EMP9 enjoy eating?

Thanks so much look forward to learning tons of info! I read the first few pages and the last few to see if this topic came up. I'm sure it has so sorry if its beating a dead horse...
break it in 200~300 rounds with brass FMJ firstly. Make sure you disassemble, clean and lube before shooting . . .that will help avoid any potential problems.

after a few hundred rounds, then try the Hollow Point of your choice. I use Speer Gold Dots in mine.
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