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Well I traded into a early serial #EMP last month. Gotta say I really like this sized gun. Went to the range and found out even though it had tritium sites that these older eyes were having issues with picking them up in an indoor range. So I did some research and ordered a set of XS Big Dot sites. Just installed them and really like how easy they are to pick up visually.

I am also a Hobbyist knife maker and have a fair amount of machinery in my basement. So I decided to do some slight mod's to this gun. I high polished the feed ramp and opened up the throat a bit because last time at the range it wasn't liking hollow points. Ate the FMJ just fine but I think it needed some help to feed HP since they were jamming on the ramp. We will see at the range tomorrow how the mods work. I also media blasted a few parts, engine turned the recoil spring end and Crowned the barrel at about a 20 degree angle.

I have a Milt Sparks VM-2 IWB holster coming from Allan Yoast next week. This will become my new CCW weapon when I make sure its functioning flawlessly.

Also anyone wanting to redo there EMP sites I will give you some input. The stock front site is held in place with a roll pin. That needs to be pushed through and then you can use a copper or hard plastic dowl to drive the site out of the beveled swedge. XS sites has a lot of great videos for those of you who haven't done this before. The back stock EMP site you unscrew the set screw and drive it out sideways like the front site. Both my sites were of the dovetail type.

Once my sites were off they had the label on the bottom of the site. Mine were made in 2007. The new sites come with a plastic dowel and a allen wrench. Once again go to the XS web site for detailed instructions on how to do this installation. Well once I got the new sites out of the package I found out they both just slide right through the cutouts on the slide without much resistance. They were obviously very loose. I called tech support at XS and they said some of the EMP's had a little larger dove tail cutouts and that they would have to send me an over sized pair. He said they will require a lot of hand fitting. He did tell me some of the smiths peen the top of the dove tail on the gun down to make some resistance and that's what I ended up doing since I didn't have time to wait for another set of sites. The area you peen is under the site so you don't see it anyway after its installed. Worked out well in the end and we will see how good it works tomorrow.

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