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That's interesting about the Taurus lifetime repair policy. I haven't come close to needing it but its good to know, I forgot to mention earlier that another thing I like about my old G1 24/7 is the trigger - its light and smooth in DA or SA. It has a lot of travel in DA but for some reason this doesn't bother me - I guess its because its so smooth and light. And something else I've never needed but I like having it - the repeating DA trigger in case of a misfire. It's also convenient for dry-firing practice since it stays in DA until the slide cycles. You don't need any practice in SA mode because it is 'touchy'. In fact I have doubled before, basically unintended bump-firing on the forward motion of the pistol following the initial recoil. The solution to this was to always use 'follow-through' and concentrate on keeping the trigger pulled until the gun settles. For some reason I continue to like the thing and its being a 13-shot .45, it sometimes resides in my night stand or in the console or door pocket of a vehicle.
I don't think they make a .45 in this style anymore which is another reason to keep it.
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