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Originally Posted by mdell49 View Post
To answer your question the 10mm is completely adequate. Hunting with a handgun is not much different than hunting with a bow. 30-40 yards would be my max. Your might be different. I have hunted Texas whitetail many times. Some of the doe won't go over 70lbs. Average buck 110lbs 2 years ago while hunting out of SanAngelo I took a buck that weighed 139lbs and it was the largest bodied deer in camp that week. If hunting with an outfitter tell him what you want to do. Texas allows baiting deer and there are corn feeders located all over the lease. The outfitter can set up a portable ground blind providing you with a 25 HD shot. They do it for archery hunters all the time. Good luck and have fun
Yea Mike! Good practical thoughts, especially for deer around here.

"I let a lot of deer walk on over the years for any number of reasons also."


Hardluk1 talks sense as well.

I like the 10mm and think it is a great auto-pistol cartridge. I'd have a lot of confidence in it for deer hunting around here. I fully intend to get "a round tuit" and take a deer or hogs with the 10mm on hand here. I've carried the 10mm while deer hunting, but haven't yet made opportunity to shoot something with it.

Over the years I've taken five deer with handguns: two with .38 Special, two with .44 Magnum, and one each with the .41 Magnum and the .357 Magnum. The deer taken with the .357 Magnum a few years back represents the longest shot taken at 39 steps with revolver rested on the window frame of the box stand. A good sized Texas doe, it was DRT, shot through the heart with a heavy 158 grain hand load.

I've also shot a coyote, a bobcat, and incidental small game with a handgun while hunting from a deer stand.

I really need to add the 10mm to the "deer getter list."
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