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Whit Your tread seems like a common sense issue to me . You know your skills so why ask us ! I used a 9" DW 15-2 revolver since '76 for hogs mainly . Added a early 2moa dot optic in '78 and all though I could sit at a bench shooting from a rest place 6 rounds inside 4" . The red dot is a big step up for the average hunter so YOU need to be honest with your open site shooting skills while hunting . It ain't bullseye shooting ether . I limited my yards to far shorter distances unless a tree is handy to use as a rest while stalk hunting . My thin skin hunting loads was a speer 170sp at 1400fps but I found it marginal for deer at any distance where you can't seriously control bullet impact point . I still use a ultra dot 2moa on that ole revolver today .

As it is I've taken a couple deer for camp meat with a 155gr 1318fps 40sw out of a tree stand shooting straight down about 20 feet with good expansion noted by tissue damage and full pass thrus .

So You figure you what works best for you and at what distance .

I let a lot of deer walk on over the years for any number of reasons also .
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