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Thanks to all for the responses. I appreciate the advice. You’ll note that I said 50 yards or less. As for being sportsmanlike, I would never take a shot that would risk wounding an animal and in my little mind, handgun hunting is as sportsmanlike as bow hunting. That said, even the best of rifle hunters have had wounded deer. I know my abilities and would not exceed them just to take a shot. As for shooting under pressure, I was a LEO and have experienced pressure. Hunting is for pleasure. No pressure, just fun.

Modell45, your comments were what I was looking for, will the 10mm do the job if I do my part. Having limited experience with the 10mm I wanted some real world experience advice. Reading about a particular cartridge is not the same as someone’s anecdotal information.

If anyone else has other helpful information, please chime in. Thanks again to all who replied and God bless.
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