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Back from the range with my magazine report.

Both functioned well with the Remington UMC ball. So I tried four more ammo types:
Hornady Critical Duty 135gr
Hornady Critical Defense 115gr
DRT 85gr HP
Aguila 124gr FMJ ball

The mags/gun would only cycle the Critical Duty. The other three were FTFeed on the first round out of the mag, i.e. hand-racking the slide.

Went and got the Sig P226 mag. Gun fed/fired/ejected all types of rounds perfectly. So it's definitely a Taurus mag problem. Went to my fave LGS and ordered two Mec-Gar P226 18 rd mags, $23 apiece.

Got home and went to work on #2 mag's follower. (#1 seems a bit more reliable.) I sanded down the highest part so that there is less of a slope at the front. I'll try it this way, and if needed can sand it down more. Trying to get a flat-top effect here. I'll check the results at work tmw, and take my needle-nose and sandpaper for more work on it so I can retest it the same day, to save a trip back to the range.
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