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Went to the range today, same story. Mag #1 worked well for two mags' worth of ammo. Mag #2 had a FTF at about round 4 or 5. So took it home and tweaked the spring again. When I go back tmw, I'll bring my needle-nose so I can tweak it right there.

I also installed the Lakeline SS guide rod and spring set ($28.95), which came today while I was at the range. Definitely looks to be higher quality than the stock setup with its plastic guide rod, and small spring being slightly arched. I will also order their SS striker guide ($16.95) to replace the stock orange plastic one. Not too concerned about the need for this from a reliability standpoint, but supposedly it does help slightly with the trigger feel.

I will also be buying a Mec-Gar Sig P226 18-round mag, just to know i have a proven mag for the gun. (OK, plus more range fun, and as a backup mag.) I already ordered the 3D-printed mag sleeve for it from this vendor on eBay. $9 shipped.

So once I get all these other parts, I'll be about $400 into the gun (remember, night sights). My P365 I'm into for about $650, with two extra mags (12 and 15 rounds) to augment the stock 10-rounders.
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