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My Taurus G2C Adventures

Consolidating some info from another thread so I don't have to retype it.

First post:
I went to a nearby LGS and ended up buying a nice inexpensive truck gun, an all-black Taurus G2C with night sights. I had admired the Taurus but didn't know you could get it with night sights ($50 more). Went home and got a gun to trade in, to lessen the pain on my wallet. Shot it today; shoots low but accurately. I shot 50 rounds at various distances from 15 to 30 feet, then some groups at 75 feet; all using Remington UMC ball. At 75 feet with Hornady Critical Defense it got 3 of 5 shots in 7/8", 6.5" low of POA; the other two were 12" low and touching. So I need to adjust my sighting method for these sights; i.e., treat them as combat sights and just get the front sight on the target, rear sight low. It is after all a SD gun.

Second post:
Breaking in my Taurus right now. Having an issue with feeding, for some reason. The first 50 or so rounds all fed fine, then problems started cropping up. This was irrespective of which of the two mags I was using. Disassembled the mags, smoothed the followers, lightly oiled the springs. No help. Still looking into it. Just polished the mags' feed lips and both the barrel''s and action's feed ramps, and will shoot it tmw. Primarily using the very reliable and good-feeding Remington UMC ball ammo.

Third post:
Update on the Taurus. Looks like the issue is the mags after all. Rounds will nose dive sometimes as they feed. I'm thinking it's the design of the front of the follower. Might also call Taurus to see if they have an updated mag. Looking into Sig P226 mags as a replacement, after some Youtube research. Also ordered an upgraded SS recoil spring assembly from Lakeline LLC.

Today: Went to the range and tested the mags. Nope, still FTFing twice per mag. Grabbed a Sig P226 15-round mag off our rental gun, loaded it up, it fed all rounds flawlessly. Gonna tinker with the G2C mags more to see if I can mod them successfully.

I don't want to deal with Taurus CS, which from dsk's thread I have learned is horrible.

Another issue I am having is that it is very hard to rack the slide to chamber a round from a full mag, just using my thumb and the edge of my index finger. I have to use three to four fingers on one side and the heel of my hand on the other. With no mag (or an empty mag, if I want to lock the slide back) it racks easily.
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