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Precisely my point.

Originally Posted by Thumper88 View Post
I have no experience with the seed kits, so can’t speak to those. I’m talking about buying packs of seeds at a local coop or farm store. And that was why I also suggested starting a small garden now. Depending on the garden and location, fertilization and pest control may not be major issues. I rotate every year and rarely fertilize more than using horse manure over the winter. As far as pest control, the most we have ever done is use seven dust if it gets to bad. Beyond that we don’t do much. We are way beyond what most would consider normal though ffrom a preparation stand point. We have a tractor but most of the time we use our draft horses for plowing and farm work. And we don’t do little gardens much, our vegetable patch is right at an acre, and we did about 3 acres of corn this year. But prepping has to start somewhere, and a package of heirloom tomatoe seeds and just a little bit of research would have much higher yield than a $1 can of spam. We finally started getting a few things this past weekend. I’m just glad to have fresh tomatoes again.
That you have to know what you are doing to get anything out of a bag of seeds, which you obviously do. But most people with no experience in growing food will not have much luck. So far this spring we have gotten in the Strawberries, Garlic, Shallots, and are starting to get in the Potatoes. Likely will not be putting any Tomatoes on the table for at least a couple of more weeks. Virginia soil is generally pretty good. But our three thousand feet of elevation does make a difference.

I read you loud and clear about starting a garden now. It was two seasons before we were able to make our raised beds really productive. And certainly agree that rotation is very important.

Are your horses Percherons?

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