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Originally Posted by Herbert Cannon View Post
I think this pistol may find a slot in the market. Today's customs are running in almost $4,000 class. Les Baer still has a few a tad under $3,000 but not most. The least expensive is $3,000 plus and if you ask for anything on them the cost balloons real fast to $3500 +. Add taxes and you are paying a lot. So a semi custom at that price is not bad and Ruger makes one tough pistol. Discount it a bit and it is in like flynn.
1911 Heaven has 5 brand new Baers listed under $2k, and another 5 just over that mark on their site right now, and the most expensive one is $2900.https://cj1911heaven.com/LesBaerInventory.html

I ordered a new Hemi from CJ less than a year ago spec'd the way I wanted it and it was $2325. With prices like that on new Baers, why even consider a $2500 Ruger? Hell, my new $800 Colt Competition is better fit than that thing. I have nothing against Ruger, I own several including a new .308 Precision Rifle I bought last month, but I only paid $799 for it.

Ruger needs to stick with what they do best - solid quality, no frills guns at reasonable price points.
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